I am a researcher, an interactive media artist and a software designer. In research, my interests lie in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), interactive machine learning, computational aesthetics, interactive audiovisuals and synesthetic art, digitally enhanced performance and innovation in the music business and creative industries.

I hold a B.S. in Computer Science and Systems Engineering and an MSc in Mobile Systems, both from University of Minho, Portugal. I also hold an M.A. in Management of Creative Industries, from Portuguese Catholic University, with specialism in Creativity and Innovation in the Music Industry.

Before returning to academia, I have worked in the software industry for many years, in R&D for Corporate TV, Interactive Digital Signage (Ubisign) and Business Intelligence (PRIMAVERA BSS), developing video applications, complex user interface architectures and interaction design for desktop, web, mobile and augmented reality applications.

Previously, I was at Portuguese Catholic University - Porto, as a researcher in the Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR). There I worked on VisualizARt, an interdisciplinary project focused on Augmented Reality and Natural User Interfaces for Music Technology. I was also was an invited lecturer in Interactive Sound Design for Digital Design Post- Graduation course.

Currently, I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Goldsmiths University of London, in the Embodied Audiovisual Interaction group (EAVI). I work on the EU Horizon 2020-funded Innovation Action project RAPIX-MIX, where I focus on Human-Computer Interaction and Machine Learning approaches to explore and develop novel technologies into creative and expressive tools.

I am also an Alpha Developer for Google ATAP Project Soli, for which I develop new application concepts and interaction design for Soli.

Samples of my work



2015 - RAPID-MIX: Realtime Adaptive Prototyping for Industrial Design of Multimodal Interactive eXpressive technology,
Project ID: 644862 funded by EU Horizon 2020 ICT-2014-1, Goldsmiths University of London

2013/2014 - VISUALYSART: Visual programming framework for augmented reality and ubiquitous natural user interfaces,
Ref: 23201, funded by FEDER, through COMPETE program (POFC)

2006/07 - SITUACTION: Situated web portal for local awareness and transient interaction,
Ref: POS-C/EIA/58832/2004, UbiComp group, ALGORITMI Center, University of Minho


BERNARDO, Francisco (2013). The Impact of Disintermediation in Independent Music Business Models,
Master thesis in Management of Creative Industries, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto, Portugal, supervision by Prof. Luis Gustavo Martins and Prof. Ricardo Morais

BERNARDO, Francisco (2009). Bluetooth Naming for Situated Interaction in Ubiquitous Environments,
Master thesis in Mobile Systems, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal, supervision by Prof. Rui José


Bernardo, F., Zbyszynski, M., Fiebrink, R., Grierson, M. (2017) Interactive Machine Learning for End-User Innovation
Designing the User Experience of Machine Learning Systems, Proceedings of AAAI Spring Symposium, Palo Alto, CA

Ward, N., Ortiz, M., Bernardo, F., Tanaka, A. (2016). Designing and measuring gesture using Laban Movement Analysis and Electromyogram
3rd Workshop on Full-Body and Multisensory Experience (BodySenseUX@UbiComp'16), Heidelberg, Germany

Bernardo, F., Pestana, P., Martins, L. (2015). The Smart Stage: Designing 3D Interaction Metaphors for Immersive and Ubiquitous Music Systems
International Conference on New Music Concepts (ICNMC 2015), Treviso, Italy - ISBN: 978-88-6551-188-6

Bernardo, F., Martins, L. (2014). Disintermediation Effects on Independent Approaches to Music Business
International Journal of Music Business Research (IJMBR) – issn 2227-5789

Bernardo, F. (2014). Music video games in live performance: Catachresis or an emergent approach?
Videojogos 2014 - Conferência de Ciências e Artes dos Videojogos, Barcelos, Portugal

Bernardo, F. (2014). Dodging the Middleman: Insights on Disintermediation in the Independent Music Sector
KISMIF International Conference on Underground music scenes and DIY cultures, Porto, Portugal

Bernardo, F., Martins, L. (2013). Disintermediation effects in the music business – A return to old times?
Music Business Research Days 2013, Vienna, Austria.
Best Paper award at the Young Scholars Workshop.

José, R., Bernardo, F. (2009). Extended Bluetooth naming for empowered presence and situated interaction with public displays
3th Symposium of Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence 2008


2014 - Post graduation in Digital Design - Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal
Interactive Sound Design and dataflow programming with PureData

Presentations & Workshops

2016 - Porto International Conference on Musical Gesture as Creative Interface, Porto, Portugal
Workshop co-presenter with Atau Tanaka - Interactive Applications in Machine Learning

2015 - MakerFaireLisbon 2015, Lisbon, Portugal
Workshop presenter - Design de Tecnologias Wearable para Performance Expressiva e Musical

2014 – Encontro Nacional de Investigação em Música - ENIM 2014
Presenter – The Smart Stage: Designing interaction for immersive and ubiquitous music systems

2014 - Master degree in Music Teaching - Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal
Invited speaker - Research strategy and methodology design for Master degree

2014 - Master degree in Management for the Creative Industries Course - Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal
Invited speaker – Research strategy and methodology design for Master degree

2013 - Science and Technology of the Arts Doctoral Programme - Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal
Invited speaker - Research methodology design

2013 - Vienna Music Business Research Days 2013 - Vienna, Austria
Presenter - Disintermediation effects in the music business - A return to old times?

2008 - UCAMI 2008 - Salamanca, Spain
Presenter - Bluetooth Naming for Situated Interaction in Ubiquitous Environments

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